VIDDO - A new fair revenue distribution video platform


VIDDO is a new fair revenue distribution video platform

We bring a lovable, high-scale solution for the global online video ecosystem that’s fundamentally changing the economics of content revenue distribution among all stakeholders.

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Min. 6 ETH ~ $3000

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Market opportunity

People watch over 1,5B hours of video on major portals in a single day! Video is the highest converting media format today, while it is also the priciest to produce. Yet, in this 47-billion-USD global market, there is no single platform that gives monetization options for all the stakeholders, and creates value for content creators, content curators, brands and the community alike.

Outdated business model
Outdated business model

Advertising is basically the only source of income for most platforms. This business model is outdated, unfair and clearly unsustainable!

Exploited user data & attention
Exploited user data & attention

While users do not benefit from revenue of the platforms they inhabit, their data and attention is constantly being exploited for free.

Adblocking and ad aversion
Adblocking and ad aversion

Ad blocking will slash some 12B$ in revenue by 2020 in the US alone! The ad industry needs new ways to reach people.

Monetization for creators
Monetization for creators

Only a fraction of content creators are able to make a steady income, while in the current model, the majority of the creators have little to zero monetization options.

IP rights & copyrights
IP rights & copyrights

The IP rights and copyright of online content is still the elephant in the room.

Big market. Big growth. Big problem.

So we need a Big solution, that fundamentally shakes the status quo.



The solution is a new video-on-demand (VOD) platform where everyone has monetization options, while content virality is enabled by default.

A video platform that pledges for user-friendly advertising, where ad-consumption is motivated by the system.

This is VIDDO


Content Consumers and the community

  • Access millions of videos anytime, anywhere, on any device and only pay for what you watch.
  • Monetize your attention. Earn AdPoints by watching ads and spend them on any video you like.

Content creators

  • Every single time your video is being watched, it earns you an income.
  • Content Creators big or small, can open Channels and start monetizing right away.
  • Your video, your value. Set the price of your video without limits.
  • Your income doesn’t depend on ad performance around your video (no banners, no popups), the more valuable the content, the more revenue it will make for you.
  • Immediate viral content distribution within the VIDDO platform and on 3rd party websites is guaranteed by the VIS system (Patent Pending).
  • Revenue generated by the activity of Content Curators around videos is made transparent and accountable to Content Creators by the VIS system.

Content Curators (influencers and micro-influencers)

  • Anyone can become a Content Curator by sharing videos, organizing them into Collections or embedding them into 3rd party websites.
  • Start monetizing from the first time someone views the video you shared
  • Content Curators can build Channels with large follower base, no self-produced video is needed.
  • Content Curators can easily monetize on the content consumption activity of their followers.
  • Revenue generated by the activity of Content Curators is made transparent and accountable by the VIS system.

Media owners and 3rd party websites

  • VIDDO provides a new, additional stream of revenue for media owners, generated by embedded VIDDO videos.
  • Every video view on 3rd party websites generates steady and predictable revenue for content owners.
  • A predictable revenue stream supports further high-quality content creation.
  • Any video uploaded to VIDDO and is embedded or shared by any media has clear copyright status.


  • Advertisers will benefit from increased ad consumption provided by the VIS system, which rewards Content Consumers for their attention spent on ads.
  • Ads are presented in a non-intrusive way, which helps engagement and boosts conversion rates.
  • VIDDO’s Content Consumer-friendly advertisement attitude increases positive ad-reception.
  • With VIDDO blockchain data system, advertisers will have a fully transparent overview of their ad and campaign performance.

Product manufacturers and distributors

  • Products embedded in videos can be instantly purchased in the VIDDOshop.
  • A higher level of content engagement and ease of in-platform purchase will result in higher product sales volume.

Viral Influencer Sales *™* (Patent Pending)

Our Viral Influencer Sales*™* (VIS) system is a state of the art sale/ re-sale solution for online businesses. It incorporates a standalone commission clearing method, novel advertising models and advanced product or service organization model.

The VIS*™* system logic is modelled on two of the most powerful sales tool today: word-of-mouth sales, influencer and micro-influencer endorsements. By translating these tools into a trackable and measurable sales method, the VIS*™* system is proved to make any online sale faster and effective than ever before.

The VIS*™* system enables product or content sale distribution based on recommendations, making virality a natural component of the value chain.

The transparency of the VIS*™* model is provided through VIS*™* Point based payment system.

The VIS*™* system is the only white-label solution today that utilizes the power of online communities through fair revenue distribution for everyone.

Patent pending: 62671919

VIDDO Features

Viral Influencer Sales*™*

VIDDO is running on the VIS system (patent pending), which provides the online sales, clearing, and viral content distribution.

Monetization for everyone

Content Creators can start earning right after the first video view. Every single view generates steady and predictable revenue for the Creators.

Everyone can become a Content Curator and start earning right away.

We support people’s online social activity, not exploit it.

Built-in virality

Automatic video circulation in VIDDO’s content flow means exponential content virality for the benefit of Content Creators and Content Curators.

Tens of millions of 3rd party websites (media sites, blogs, news sites etc) are motivated as Content Curators to spread videos outside the VIDDO platform.

In-platform payment system

Self-developed, in-platform Point based payment system. No need for micropayments for every video. VIDDO Points can be purchased with any major bank card or through PayPal.

Easy revenue withdrawal

Content Creator and Content Curators can cash out their monthly revenue with direct deposit to their bank account.

Video on demand, pay as you go

Anyone can access VIDDO videos anywhere, anytime on any device and only pay for what they really watch. No monthly fee or yearly plans.

Data transparency on blockchain

Daily viewing figures will be recorded using blockchain technology. This decentralized data management will provide transparency of performance and mutual trust in transactions.



We are in Alpha testing now and product launch is scheduled to Q4 2018, followed by the go-to-market campaign in Q1, 2019. You can read more about the release and go-to-market plans in the Whitepaper.

If you are curious about how VIDDO works, you can check out the demo version of the actual platform.

Start Demo (Works only on desktop)



It’s going to be the next major extension of the VIDDO video platform.

VIDDOshop is a standalone webshop where any product tagged in any video on the VIDDO platform can be purchased instantly.

By opening an additional revenue channel for Content Creators they are motivated to showcase buyable products in their videos.

Content Consumers are being offered products in a native environment, not through intrusive ads, being left the freedom to purchase products to their liking and style.

We believe this will create a significant growth for in-content purchases.

VIDDO and VIDDOshop can be accessed through a single VIDDO ProAccount.

The VIS system ensures the traffic and revenue generated through products promoted by Content Creators and influencers are exactly measured.



VDT: a real-world utility token

As part of our ICO campaign, VIDDO Limited is going to issue 100 million VIDDO Tokens (VDT) using the Ethereum smart contract system (ERC-20).

The utility behind the VIDDO Token (VDT) is the right to open a VIDDO ProAccount.

The VIDDO platform itself will be accessible after registration. Any user that’s registered on the platform has a Basic Account with full access to the core features of VIDDO. To upgrade to a VIDDO ProAccount and access exclusive monetization options the user needs to purchase a VIDDO Token and buy a ProAccount within the VIDDO platform. VDT is the only way to open or upgrade to a ProAccount.

Instant demand for VDT

100 million VDT tokens issued means that the number of ProAccounts available on VIDDO are limited at 100 million.

Demand will be huge! Just consider these numbers:

  • 58% of internet users uploaded video recently
  • an est. 150 000 000 people (of 1.5 B users) uploaded video to YouTube alone despite the fact that 80% of them will never make any money!
  • Youtube requires 10 000 views before it even considers to put an ad next to your video
  • On VIDDO you get paid from the very first view.
  • And it will cost you next to nothing to upload a video and start monetizing

VDT tokens play an integral role in launching a disruptive business environment where every video stakeholder (content creator, content curator, advertiser, media owner, the community itself) has the potential to monetize.

During the ICO Token Sale 39, 000, 000 token will be made available to the public.

The process for redeeming VIDDO Tokens (VDT):

Step 1: users purchase VDT during the token sale
Step 2: users open a ProAccount using VDT tokens on
Step 3: by uploading and sharing video content on the platform users collect VIDDO Points, which (with a ProAccount) can be converted into USD and deposited into the user’s own bank account on a monthly basis. VDT can also be sold on

ICO Timeline and details

Phase Issued token no. Token price Bonus Min. Invest
Sale 1 12.000.000 $0,30 40% $100
Sale 2 13.000.000 $0,40 20% $50
Sale 3 14.000.000 $0,50 - $20
Total no of VDT
Total no. of VDT in Public Sale
Soft cap
appr. 1.500.000 USD
Hard Cap
~15.800.000 USD
The accepted currency during the ICO
Restrited countries
USA, China

Token Allocation

  • Token Sale 39%
  • VIDDO Limited 30%
  • Investors 8%
  • Team 10%
  • Advisor/Influencer etc. 8%
  • Bounty & Airdrop 4%
  • Charity 1%

Use of Funds

  • Marketing & PR 40%
  • Expansion and Business Development 28%
  • Technology development 15%
  • Legal 10%
  • HR 5%
  • Unforeseen cost 2%

Viddotoken Marketplace

In-platform advertising space for VDT sellers. is a marketplace, which helps VDT owners to sell their VDT tokens to users needing them for registering a ProAccount on VIDDO. will go live simultaneously with and will be available globally from Q4 2018. is simply an advertising space for VDT holders, where increasing demand for ProAccounts will generate traffic of potential buyers. No commissions, no fees, no complicated bidding options: only instant selling of VDT


VIDDO not only pledges for the fair revenue distribution in the video content industry and the protection of intellectual property, but the company also believes that it’s our duty to share our success with those who pledged for the betterment of our society and environment.

Therefore, VIDDO runs a charity campaign during the ICO, where the VDT token holders and the community will have the chance to suggest goodwill organization to whom VIDDO will offer overall 1 million VDT.

In each category 5 organization will receive 50.000 VDT each, overall 20 organizations will receive the charity VDT. VDT token holders and the community will have the chance to nominate organizations and vote on them afterward. VIDDO is going to select 2 organizations by category, and the community will select the remaining 3 by public voting.

250.000 VDT
Child, youth and women’s right and welfare
250.000 VDT
Protection of copyright and intellectual property
250.000 VDT
Environment and animal protection
250.000 VDT


Q2 2016
  • Concept development
Q1 2017
  • Opening office in Budapest, Hungary
  • Development of Viddo platform architecture and web
Q2 2018
  • Opening office in Malta
  • Preparation for ICO
  • Alpha testing
Q3 2018
  • Starting ICO
  • Opening office in New York
  • Beta testing
  • Feature developments
  • Mobile app development - IOS, Android
  • Marketing preparation
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
Q2 2019
  • Launch mobil apps
  • Cryptocurrency payment integration development
Q2 2020
  • Open office in Asia regio

About the Company

VIDDO Limited was founded in 2017, with the aim to incorporate the VIDDO online video sharing platform we have been developing for more than 2 years and introduce it to the global market. The group is currently present in Malta and Budapest with offices soon opening in New York and Seoul.

New York
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Software development
  • Operation
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Opens in 2019…

Who we are

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